Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why You Should Plant Your Vegetables

 Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties: The Gardener's & Farmer's Guide to Plant Breeding & Seed SavingThe Vegetables We Eat
The Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener's Handbook: Make the Most of Your Growing SeasonEdible: An Illustrated Guide to the World's Food PlantsThe thinking behind living off the land as well as being totally self sufficient may be beyond the reach of many of us but it is relatively easy to grow some fruit and vegetables for ourselves. The extent to how you can do this will probably depend on the dimensions of your garden and with a little imagination, you can soon begin to reap the benefits of your efforts. Years ago, the majority of people simply had to grow their own produce. We presently live in a world of superstores and online shopping and thus it is not essential anymore. Yet the wave of growing your own fruit and vegetables is rising again so we will take a look at the benefits.

The main advantage of planting your own produce is money savings particularly because the world economy is in flux. When our economy is in its unstable state, our food costs will increase or we experience a shortage of one thing or another. However, if you decide to grow your own produce, you will find that it can be easy and can have a positive effect on your wallet. There is certainly a great delight in recognizing that the food on your table has been mainly home produced and that the cost to you has been almost nothing.

Recently we have seen a developing market for organic food and you will often see many different types of organically produced items in the shops. You can find many studies done that illustrate the benefits of organic food in terms of our health and general well being. One disadvantage, however, is the expense and if you are on a tight budget it could be that you need to keep your outgoings down. Also, we are not sure if the conditions that make a product certified organic are strict enough. These problems can be easily overcome by simply growing your own fruits, herbs and vegetables.

As we begin to search for natural health options, we are also looking at the foods that we eat everyday to see how fresh and how safe they are. We have to be confident that the food we eat has all the essential vitamins and minerals we need to lead healthy lives. We are unable to depend upon the use by dates since it does not fully explain how fresh or how nutritious the product is. We really have no idea how much time it took from the time it was packaged to the time it reached our store shelves. Additionally, you have to question if fruits and vegetables are harvested to satisfy transportation needs rather than when it is right from a nutritional point of view. When you grow your own, you can pick these fresh from your garden at the ideal time to supply you with the nutrients in their most natural state.

In addition to all of these benefits is the sheer satisfaction you can get from this, so go ahead and start growing your own fruit and vegetables today.

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