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Hydroponics Gardening And How To Do It Indoors

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 You may have heard of hydroponics gardening before and got either interested or turned off by its gibberish sounding moniker. What exactly is hydroponics may ask.

Hydroponics was derived from the Greek word hydro, which means "water" and ponos, which means "labor or water-working". Hydroponics gardening involves growing plants with their roots in other nutrient solutions and without soil.

Hydroponics gardening is as simple as ordinary gardening. Both of them necessitate sufficient light, water, temperature, light, and humidity. However, with regular gardening, several plants could not survive being indoors. On the other hand, when gardening indoors using hydroponics, growing plants indoors can be a cinch.

In setting up and planning for hydroponics gardening, one may consider these simple guidelines on how to do hydroponics gardening:

1. Hydroponics gardening means that no soil is used but fertilization is required.

Be aware that even if hydroponics gardening does not require the use of soil, your plants need their supplement which they get from water or their food. This is one of the major considerations in hydroponics gardening since it sustains the plants. One has to make sure that this nutrient solution maintains a pH level of 5 to 6 after dilution. In hydroponics gardening, the plants should be watered more than three times a day by using a pump and a timer.

2. Untampered temperature required.

If your hydroponics garden is located indoors, the most suitable temperature is between 71 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, this temperature may change depending on the different types of plant you are working on, e.g. tropical plants.

3. Don't be light on lighting.

Place your plants somewhere they can receive ample amount of light. If you will place your hydroponics garden where there is not enough light, you could use a High pressure Sodium lights or bulbs, which emit artificial illumination.

4. Humidity is a necessity.

In hydroponics gardening, a little amount of air will do. When the room’s temperature rises, the air will be able to hold the sufficient amount of moisture your plants will need.

Another convenience the hydroponics gardener can enjoy is being able to fully automate this kind of gardening system. Since it is water-based, the gardener don't have to attend to his plants that much. This is because water can be reused.

With hydroponics, an excellent yield of quality plants can be easily achieved. Hydroponics systems are also very easy to make from common materials that are readily available in most hardware stores. Source:FreeArticles


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