Friday, October 28, 2011

Improve Your Health by Gardening

Planting a garden of any kind can be a rewarding and healthy hobby for just about anyone. While your enjoying time outdoors you are also getting fresh air and a good dose of vitamin D. While gardening isn’t strenuous it does also provide some minimal amounts of exercise which we can all use. It also gives us something to care for and watch develop into beautiful flowers or tasty fruits and vegetables we can eat.

Don’t worry if you forget to water them, if your plants do end up wilting and dying you can always just plant more. This works especially well for teaching kids responsibility as they can see how their own actions or neglect will directly effect each and every plant. It’s a lot easier to teach them these life lessons this way then with a living breathing animal for a pet.

After you have put in all that hard work and time you get to see the fruits of your labor by having a luscious busy with bees buzzing and blooms showing their beauty to the world. Then, when the time comes you also get to pick the fruits and vegetables you cared for to be used in delicious home cooked meals. You can even give some of your crop away to neighbors as a gift.

The great part about growing your own produce is that once you learn what can be planted during each time of the year you will have fresh and healthy foods right at your finger tips anytime you want them. This is not only better for your health but also cuts down on your grocery bill too!

While these benefits may have already been obvious to you there are also some less obvious ones that many people never think of. Most of already know that fruits and vegetables are healthy for us, especially fresh ones. What you probably didn’t think of is how you will be able to control what chemicals are used on the plants. Produce we buy in the store is great but we still don’t know what was used on the plants during growth because we weren’t there. With our own garden we get to pick and choose if we use any. It’s the cheapest way there is to go organic!

The use of commercial fertilizer and other chemical treatments for mass production usually results in the plants not being able to get all the essential vitamins and nutrients they would normally hold. This means the produce we buy at the local super market doesn’t have near the amount of health benefits that those from our very own garden will have. While your plants may not yield as much as the big business crops you can rest easier knowing that yours is much better for you in the end.

Having your own garden is also a way to practice good environmental habits. For free fertilizer minus the chemicals you can start your own compost pile right in your back yard to give your plants that extra boost they need.
As you can see, the health benefits in planting your own garden are almost endless. You can sit down at each meal knowing what you are putting in your body will have no harmful effects because you grew it yourself. Source :  Submit The Article

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