Saturday, October 17, 2009

Keep Safety In Garden

While making your garden colorful and vibrant, it is equally important to make your garden safe, a place where the family can relax while learning about nature. Here is how you may practice safe gardening and have a garden accident free.

Garden Hazards: How Are They Caused?

To make your garden safe, it is important to understand how just being careless can cause garden hazards and result in a garden accident.

  • The lawn mower is one of the most dangerous garden implements if it is kept unguarded. Most garden accidents happen due to it.
  • The innocuous flowerpot may cause a garden accident. Lifting injuries happen and one should be careful in exerting the back as little as they can to avoid painful back injuries
  • Broken and uneven pathways are garden hazards.
  • Barbecues cause major garden hazards. They should not be left unguarded and once they have been used, the flame should be totally extinguished.
  • Garden accident caused by stepladders are common and one must be cautious, not stretching out too far or trying to work sideways while ensuring the ladder stands on firm ground and is in good condition.

Creating Gardening Safety

While introducing children to the garden categorically tell them what they may and may not touch to maintain garden safety. Garden hazards caused by power driven machines such as lawn mowers and hedge trimmers should be emphasized. Eye protection goggles, gloves, garden safety boots or shoes defenders should be worn if necessary for extra gardening safety. It is important to plan the garden well so that it does not require high maintenance or frequent heavy lifting.

Safe Gardening By Putting Away What Is Not Required

It is important to put away sharp gardening tools for gardening safety. After the rake and wheelbarrow have been used in the garden, safe gardening implies that they be kept in the gardening shed. To avoid a garden accident that can turn really nasty put away all electrical equipments after use so that they may never be out in the rain. Weedkillers and insecticides, though they may have organic elements in them should be kept aside for garden safety purposes.

Gardening Safety Precautions For Children And Pets

When gardening with kids if you have pets, some extra garden safety measures must be taken. Prior knowledge about poisonous plants can help you maintain garden safety by keeping children and pets away from them. Similarly, while treating plants with chemicals, to avoid garden hazards pets and children should be away from the greens and not allowed to come to them for at least 24 hours. In case of a garden pond put a fence around it to practice safe gardening. Having a pond with gently sloping sides will also help in making the drop gradual. Further, if dense plants are placed around the border of the pond, children and pets will have lesser access to the water, making the garden safe.

When the garden is icy and slippery, it is best to avoid it. Further, even with the best precautionary measures one may be unlucky enough to face a garden accident. However, following these basic rules will surely lead to safe gardening and ensure that this space remains an enjoyable one for friends and family.

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