Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gardening Calendar

A vegetable gardening calendar is very important to determine what particular crops you are going to plant and when is the right time to harvest it. Vegetables need to be planted at the right time in order for them to become productive and to give you the expected benefits from gardening. That is why if you want to have your own garden you need first to know the appropriate time for planting a particular crop by having a gardening calendar.

Depending on the place you are living, your vegetable gardening calendar and crops to plant will vary. For example if you are living in a place where the climate is cold, particularly for those places located in Northern Hemisphere, then you need to plant your garden with crops that are suitable for such condition. Nevertheless, you need also to base the planting season accordingly.

Here is an example of vegetable gardening calendar in a form of list that you can follow when you are living in a country such as Japan, Canada, and United Kingdom where the climate is cooler.

* Broccoli is best to plant between the month of May and June. Usually you can harvest it after four months from the time you planted it.

* Brussels sprouts can be planted between May and June. Similar with broccoli, after four of five months you can already harvest it.

* Between April and June is the best time to plant Beetroot. Right after three months it is ready for harvesting.

* Celery must be planted between the months of March and April. After five or six months celery has already reached its maturity stage where you can harvest it already.

* Dwarf peas are best to include in your vegetable gardening during the month February. You can harvest it after three or four months.

* The most ideal time to plant lettuce is during springtime in the month of April. However, this veggie can be grown whole year round. After two to three months, you can make harvest of it already.

For tropical countries near the Equator, naturally, this calendar will not be best suitable for your conditions.
So have some fun with it, but be sure to consult the gardening calendar specific to your region so that you get the most benefit.

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