Monday, April 21, 2008

Hydroponics Gardening

Hydroponics gardening also known by the attributes of soilless or water gardening or chemiculture, is one of the newest and most revolutionary ideas of our century regarding the ways to grow crops. Many of us consider that for a plant to grow, soil is a must.

This idea is no longer correct, rich soil is the condition for normal traditional agriculture. Hydroponics gardening is the alternative that will help you in growing your garden flowers faster and more beautiful then ever before. It is both fun and useful.

What must be known about hydroponics gardening?

If we look how the soil characteristics change according to weather fluctuations you will see immediately the benefits of hydroponics gardening. Furthermore if you are a professional horticulturist then hydroponics gardening can be a real opportunity for you, imagine not having to worry about the weather anymore, plus you can now exploit the possibility of modifying the day cycle according to your own will.

Theoretically plants can grow by their own, in an independent system, you won't have to worry about them every day; practically any person will be able to grow crops without burdening themselves.

The principle of hydroponics gardening is to feed the plants directly without the intervention of soil; nutrients and minerals will be mixed with water and the roots will be directly fed with this solution. When using this kind of gardening you won't have to worry about classical problems like when to use the fertilizer or what type of fertilizer to try. Of course other worries will appear like the power supply and other energy sources needed for heating, but these can be dealt with and resolved at the very beginning of a project.

Here is another issue you may face: if you are a professional gardener and decide to invest in hydroponics gardening then you must be aware that your product prices can't compete against traditional agriculture if good and fertile soil can be found. On the other hand if the region depends on imports, then you have a great business opportunity. Ecological stores are usually the first interested to buy your stocks because there are many peoples that prefer good, quality products.

What else should I know about hydroponics gardening?

There is a long tradition related to hydroponics gardening going thousands of years back in time to the age of Babylonians. However, in our modern times, this alternative agricultural method became viable just over the last 50 years.

Before that moment the need of energy and other facilities made the cost too high for large scale crops and practically only research projects existed in the field. Now, hydroponics models look confident for the evolution of agriculture all over the world.

Author : Ann Marier

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