Friday, February 15, 2008

Wildflower Garden

Wildflowers are not as common as some other flower plants used in the garden. Wildflowers provide a variation from the common sight of geraniums, roses, and zinnias found in other gardens.

Wildflowers have a number of advantages in comparison with other plants. Firstly, they have natural resistance against pests, change in climate and other plant diseases. Secondly, they can survive in any type of soil. Last but not least, it is best for people who cannot devote time to work on their flower plants. Hence, they can survive with minimum or no maintenance at all.

Different varieties of wildflowers are present which thrive in different climates. Hence, you must firstly choose the wildflower variety which will survive in the type of soil present in your area. Secondly, it must also be able to adapt to the climatic conditions and seasonal variation in your area.

If you acquire any instructions or clarifications regarding when and how to plant your wildflowers plants, just visit a local nursery and inquire from the people there. This information can also be found on the internet. There are some websites on the internet relating to horticulture. All types of information regarding wildflower plants can be found on these websites easily.

The important pre-requisite for planting wildflower plants is that the soil where it will be planted must be made free from rocks and weeds. It must also be crushed into fine particles to allow penetration of nutrients. Any grass present on the ground must also be removed.

The land used for sowing wildflower seeds must be exposed to sunlight for a minimum of five to eight hours a day. The site must also have good drainage facilities. Since the wildflower seeds are sowed by scattering, the site should be nicely ploughed before sowing the seeds. Even coverage of the seeds throughout the site can be ensured by mixing the seeds with fine-grade builder’s sand. These seeds will need constant watering until they grow to a minimum specified height.

Wildflower plants grow in regions were they can adapt to the climate and soil easily. However, there are certain varieties of wildflower plants which can grow well in any region or season. These can be obtained in both annual and perennial types. Mixing both will ensure that there is blossoming of plants throughout the year. Since these require comparatively lesser work input from your side, it will be a pleasure to just watch these flowers blossom.

Source : Isnare
Author :Susan Slobac
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