Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gardening As Part Of Decoration For The House

How many of us are fond of plants, flowers, ferns, herbal and spices, Palms and vegetables?

The above-mentioned are the important factors for a beautiful garden. Since Gardening is a part of decorating your house, it is essential to carefully plan of how you can decorate your house by having a beautiful garden at the backyard, front yard or even in a smaller place.

It is always not possible to use all of them to make a beautiful garden, but plants definitely are very important, since they change a look of a garden. They make it beautiful because of different plants we get fresh air, can you imagine when you are so tired, just coming out and sitting in the comfort of your own garden sipping a cup of coffee or tea? Or even a drink…

To have a beautiful garden it is also important to consider factors such as, climate of the area we live in, type of soil, sunlight and water etc. Considering these factors, we can move on to the next level of choosing appropriate plants that we would like to grow in our garden.

There are different types of plants depending on their sizes, growth and the period of their life etc. some of the flowering plants that most of them want in their garden are the roses and the orchid plants. In addition to these plants, there are crotons like Banana croton or Gold dust crotons that can be planted too. Since they add on to the look of your garden

Then there are ferns that have long life spans, ferns like Northern Maidenhair, southern maidenhair and spleen wort could be planted in garden.

We also have herbs that can be easily grown like Basil, Cardamom, coriander, ginger, pepper, mustard, clove etc. These spread a nice smell in the garden and also come handy while cooking too.

Palms are the most attractive plants, since they give a rich look to the garden; there are different types of Palms like Fiji fan, Majesty, red dealing wax etc.

Last but not the least the fruits and vegetables which prove to be rewarding for the garden and also for the family’s health, some of the fruits and vegetables that can be planted are Beetroot, okra, potato, pumpkin, egg plant, tomatoes, they are very easy to plant and are easily grown too.

Author : Jena Luthovski
Jena Luthowski writes about Gardening Coupons

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